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Lauderhill Title Loans: A Great Borrowing Option

Do you have bad credit? If you do, then you probably think it’s impossible to get approved for a loan.

But we at Easy Choice Lending have news for you: not only is it possible to get a loan with bad credit, we can loan you up to thousands of dollars! How?

We offer car title loans in Lauderhill, FL. Vehicle title loans in Lauderhill, Florida don’t involve a credit check. That means you can have terrible credit and it won’t matter because we’ll never check! How can we do that?

Because auto title loans in Lauderhill are secured loans. You must give us the title to a car you own as collateral to secure your loan.

We’ll place a short-term lien on your title and keep it in a safe place while you pay your loan back. As soon as you make your final payment, we’ll rescind the lien and return your title to you.

Are Lauderhill, FL Car Title Loans Safe?

Why do we place a lien on your title? The lien gives us the right to take your car and sell it to cover our expenses in the event that you default on your loan. Loaning significant amounts of money to people without requiring them to pass a credit check is risky for us! This lien lessens that risk.

But does putting your title on the line make Fort Lauderdale title loans riskier for you? Not at all! Remember, borrowing money from any source comes with consequences if you choose to stop making your payments. As long as you only borrow as much as you need and understand your repayment terms, you won’t experience a problem.

And here’s something few people understand: taking possession of your car and trying to sell it is expensive and time-consuming for us. Sometimes we don’t make our money back! It’s better for us if we work with you to keep you on track with your loan payments. So, if you ever find yourself unable to make your payments, just give us a call! We’re more than happy to work with you.

Applying for Auto Title Loans in Florida

The first step to applying for title loans in Lauderhill, FL is to get your loan quote. It’s free and easy. Just fill out the form to the right with your car’s make, model, year and estimated mileage.

Then, tell us your full name, zip code and phone number. We’ll provide you with a digital loan quote almost instantly and follow it up with a quick call to answer any questions you have about vehicle title loans in Lauderhill.

If you’re ready to proceed with the actual application, we can take much of your information over the phone, including your address, source of income and personal references.

We’ll need you to drop by one of our conveniently located offices in the Lauderhill area to sign your application and pick up your money. When you come, bring:

  • your driver’s license or other photo I.D.
  • the car title
  • proof of income
  • proof of address
  • proof of registration

We can provide loans on motorcycles, boats and RVs, as well. Have you misplaced your title? Just visit your local county tax assessor’s office to apply for a duplicate title.

Talk to Us Today!

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get a loan with us! We beat out other forms of lending aimed at people with poor credit, such as payday loans and pawnshops.

We can loan up to thousands of dollars and we offer reasonable repayment plans. Why not get in touch today and see what we can do for you? You won’t be disappointed!

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