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What are St. Petersburg Title Loans?

You probably think there’s no such thing as a personal loan that doesn’t involve a credit check.

The only way to borrow money if you have bad credit is to pawn your valuables for a tiny fraction of what they’re worth, right? And then risk losing them so the pawn shop can rake in money, right?

Wrong! You do have other options and they’re called title loans in St. Petersburg. What are car title loans in St. Petersburg, FL? Auto title loans in St. Petersburg, Florida, are no-credit-check loans that use your car title as collateral to secure your loan.

The major qualifying factor for these loans is a clean-and-clear car title in your own name. If you own your car, you’re pretty much approved. That’s how simple and easy vehicle title loans are!

How do St. Petersburg Title Loans Work?

Title loans are secured loans, meaning you must put up your car title to guarantee the loan. If you default on your loan and refuse to talk to us, we have the right to seize your vehicle and sell it to cover our expenses. Some may think risking a car to get a loan is crazy, but it’s beneficial in two ways:

It allows us to trust you enough to loan you money without making you submit to a credit check.

It also allows us to loan you more money than a credit-based loan, because we base the value of the loan on what your car or truck is worth.

After we approve your loan, we’ll take your title in exchange for the loan. We’ll hold the title in a secure place while you pay off your loan. Best of all, you get to keep your car. We’ll never ask you to submit your vehicle for a loan. Keep it, use it as you normally do and make your monthly payments until the loan is fully paid off. When it is, we’ll give you back your title and close your account.

How to Apply for St. Petersburg, FL Title Loans

The application process for title loans in Florida starts right here. Click on the link for our loan estimator tool. Fill in the short form with information about the vehicle you own, including its age, mileage, make and model. Then provide us with your full name, zip code and phone number.

Based on your answers, our system will generate a reliable quote. Many of our clients are shocked to see how much money they qualify for. That’s why we caution all our customers to borrow only what they need.

Your loan quote will be followed by a phone call from one of our professional, caring staff members. They’ll answer your questions about our loans and guide you through the rest of the application process if you’re ready.

The full application requires just a few more documents. These are:

  • Your picture I.D.
  • Proof of registration
  • Proof of income
  • The original car title

We must have the original vehicle title; we can’t accept a copy. If you’ve lost your title, simply visit your nearest DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and apply for a duplicate. Then, bring that title to us and we’ll process your loan.

What if you’re not working? Get ready to hear something you’ve never heard before: we can loan you money if you don’t currently have a job! That’s right!

As long as you can show us you have money coming in from some verifiable source to pay your loan off with, we can approve your loan!

Here are a few sources of income we can approve:

  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Disability
  • Pension
  • Retirement
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Unemployment payments

Explain your personal situation to our representative. He or she will do everything possible to approve your car title loan.

We Can Help You!

Whatever you need the money for, we’re here to help. You could get the money by the end of today, as a matter of fact! Fill out our loan estimator and see how much you qualify for right now.

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