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Have You Heard of Vehicle Title Loans in Cooper City, FL?

There’s a new lender in town, one who doesn’t run credit checks or demand that you have a great job to apply. We’re called Easy Choice Lenders and we specialize in car title loans in Cooper City, Florida.

Wait… how on earth do we get away with approving loans for people without checking their credit histories? We can do this because vehicle title loans in Cooper City, FL are secured loans, meaning we take the title to a vehicle you own as collateral to secure your loan.

This collateral gives us the leverage we need to write loans for people who have been turned down countless times by other lenders. Easy Choice Lenders is happy to do this. We believe in your future, not your past!

Qualifying for Auto Title Loans in Cooper City, Florida

The qualifications for our loans are surprisingly minimal. If you can say “yes” to the following four questions, you can apply for a loan with us!

Are you 18 years old or older?
Are you a legal U.S. citizen?
Do you have enough monthly income to afford your payments to us?
Do you own a vehicle?

The vehicle you own only qualifies as collateral if it is lien-free, which means it’s completely paid off and the title is in your name. If you’ve misplaced your title, don’t worry! Visit the Cooper City Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to apply for a replacement title.

How to Apply

Drop by any time to apply for a loan with us. It’s a good idea to bring all your documents with you to save time. We’ll need these items from you when you apply:

  • Your driver’s license or other photo I.D.
  • The original car title (no copies, please)
  • Proof of insurance and registration
  • Proof of income
  • A list of personal references

For automobile title loans in Cooper City, Florida, you don’t have to be employed when you apply. In fact, many of our customers are between jobs and need the loan money to make ends meet until they find work. However, you must have some form of regular income to prove that you’re able to make your payments on the loan. We accept all sorts of alternative income sources, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • disability
  • child support
  • alimony
  • social security
  • unemployment
  • worker’s compensation

When the paperwork is complete, we exchange the loan money for your car title. We’ll hold your title securely while you make your monthly payments. Once the loan is paid off, you’ll get your title back.

Get a Free Loan Quote Now!

Wouldn’t you like to know how much money you can borrow right now, from the comfort of your living room or office? You can! Click on our loan quote form. Enter information about your car, including its make, model, year and mileage. Then, provide us with your contact information.

We base our Pembroke Pines title loans on what your vehicle is worth. By using the information you provide about your car, we’ll create a personalized loan quote just for you. Our loans are commonly $1,000 and more!

We’ll also give you a call to introduce ourselves. If you’d like to complete the full application, we’ll set up an appointment for you to come in. In most cases, we can make same-day appointments!

Could you use a little financial help? Is your credit not exactly perfect? Then come to us at Easy Choice Lenders. We don’t judge you for your past credit mistakes. We’re only here to give you the help you need to improve your future!

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